In today’s world, companies that have LGBT inclusive policies and job seekers who identify as LGBTQ+ should be intentional in their pursuit of each other.

Today’s diverse workforce is here to bring institutional change through recognition of intersectional identities and support of workers. By participating with Identify Careers by Chaleur Creative you are taking the next step in identifying and valuing the every day contributions of job seekers.

As a company that is LGBT inclusive, your drive should be to intentionally include LGBTQ+ humans in your recruitment, training and retention practices. If you’ve met with one of our staff members prior to your company registration, you know already that we vet each company that participates with us. We praise where praise is due, and we provide feedback where intentions may be sincere but processes are not yet in place to support LGBTQ+ workers.

We encourage each company to continue growth toward inclusion and belonging of your employees. Navigating your policies, procedures and overall company culture is a difficult task and we appreciate each company that participates authentically in providing a space where LGBTQ+ folks are valued not just for their knowledge and skill, but also for their intersectional identities.

Chris Brown – Founder – Chaleur Creative

Leave your thoughts is an offering of Chaleur Creative with the intention of connecting LGBTQ+ job seekers with companies that have LGBT inclusive policies.  LGBTQ+ job seekers should be valued not only for their knowledge and skill, but also their identities.

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