Our Take on the US Jobs Report – May 8, 2020

Numbers and more numbers ahead. Most of them represent what we already know, workers employed full time, part time, contract, small businesses and more have seen decline in demand and have had to reduce staffing in the wake of what has become one of the most struggling times we have seen as a community in as many years.

There has been a dramatic shift over the past 3 months in jobless claims, unemployment and temporary unemployment. Unemployment is now at 14.7% representing an increase to 23.1 Million unemployed persons. We know that the road to recovery will be a complicated path for those seeking work.

US leisure and hospitality industry workers dropped 47% representing 7.7 Million lost jobs. This is a number that is not just specific to US leisure and hospitality workers. Many sectors were hit including but not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, government, professional services, transportation and construction.

As a community, LGBTQ+ individuals are often disproportionately impacted by economic instability, housing instability and other market forces which impact the general populous. Representing roughly 4.5% of the population in the United States and having 25% of LGBTQ+ people making less than $24,000 per year in income, we know that our community should be top of mind when we are discussing income inequality, economic empowerment and housing needs.

With IdentifyCareers.com our hope is to connect LGBTQ+ job seekers with companies that have LGBT inclusive policies. In addition, we connect with companies to be sure LGBTQ+ talent attraction, on boarding and retention is top of mind and active at their companies, even when the job market is seeing decline.

Having companies and organizations that support maintaining focus on LGBTQ+ individuals ensures that we are kept top of mind. So many companies will have a fire hose of applicants and interest in open roles and we want to be sure that intention is used when connecting with applicants for positions. What can companies do right now to maintain their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community? What can recruiters do to advocate for supporting LGBTQ+ community networks of job seekers? What can LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Groups / Business Resource Groups do to advise their company during an economic downturn?

LGBTQ+ individuals may be some of the first on the chopping block for layoffs, furloughs, reductions in staffing because of loss of business or other factors.

We ask that the LGBTQ+ community of job seekers, those currently employed, those with influence within companies/organization keep a mindful eye on their fellow community members and advocate for the hiring of LGBTQ+ talent. Keep interview panels diverse with intersectionality, continue to push back on phrases like “culture fit” and build a path to success for LGBTQ+ job seekers.

We ask that companies that have LGBT inclusive policies, actively advocate for the hiring and retention of LGBTQ+ employees, the hiring of LGBTQ+ talent and the hiring of talent with intersectional identities. Not because folks are LGBTQ+, but because you value their knowledge, their skill AND their intersectional identities. With us, your companies are or can be more diverse. Without us, your companies will struggle to adapt to the new realities we are all living in.

Hire us, retain us and we can all be successful together.

Chris Brown
Chaleur Creative & IdentifyCareers.com

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics at bls.gov
Source: Williams Institute LGBT Data & Demographics

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IdentifyCareers.com is an offering of Chaleur Creative with the intention of connecting LGBTQ+ job seekers with companies that have LGBT inclusive policies.  LGBTQ+ job seekers should be valued not only for their knowledge and skill, but also their identities.

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